Supporting the Airport

The Airport Support Group,formed in 2005, is a community oriented group. Thus, it relies on the involvement of the people in Cattaraugus County and the surrounding areas for support of time, expertise and financial backing. The Cattaraugus County/Olean airport is a vital part of our regional infrastructure providing a gateway to this area for small business, corporate and tourist travelers. The Cattaraugus County/Olean airport is the only paved, public airport in Cattaraugus County. A healthy and vibrant airport and airport community is paramount to the continued development of this region.

Community Partners

The ASG encourages the community to get involved with the airport by becoming supporters, attending events, or donating to promote the growth of the airport as a positive resource in Cattaraugus County. Our goal is to gain interest from local businesses and individuals who believe in the positive influence that our airport has in our area. For further information please contact any member of the Cattaraugus County/Olean airport support group about how you can help. Learn more about these opportunities by further browsing the site, or call 716-557-8800/716-376-5650. Additionally, for visitor information, call 716-372-4433.


For those interested in seeing the results of the recent renovations at the Cattaraugus-Olean Airport, tours of groups up to twelve (12) to fifteen (15) individuals can be arranged. Tours include: –         A physical tour of the renovated office areas, passenger lobby, main hanger, and the snow removal equipment area. –         An explanation of how the AWOS (Area Weather Observation System) is used by pilots, both during attended hours (8AM – 4PM) and during non-attended hours. –         A demonstration of PCL (Pilot Controlled Lighting) used for night and low-ceiling – low visibility operations. –          If weather permits, demonstration of various refueling procedures. –         An opportunity to learn who uses the airport, what type of aircraft uses the airport, and your chance to ask questions about the entire operation.  Example:  What’s involved in filing a flight plan;  when is it necessary to do so;  what is the difference between VFR and IFR? ALSO: Some members of the ASG  (Catt/Olean Airport Support Group) are available to present a power point demonstration of the recent ‘rebirth’ of the airport, including pictures and explanations of the old and the new facilities, aircraft currently using the facility, local and distant businesses who rely on the facility for business purposes, and the variety of services using the facility, such as medical ambulances and Mercy Flight, police activities, public utilities (National Grid), aerial survey companies, and many more. If interested in either of the above, call the Cattaraugus/Olean Airport at (716) 557-8800 between the hours of 8AM and 4PM,  or contact Bill O’Connell at (716) 492-2715 for additional information.